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Whether you want to take a course, earn a certificate, or work toward a degree, INSIGHT Institute of Learning (IIL) has options for you. The institute facilitates undergraduate as well as graduate courses directly from well-known and accredited universities around the world which are either in an online video or live web-conference format. Both options are semester-long with scheduled assignments and exams, but online video and live web-conference courses differ in their presentation and technical requirements.

In addition to this, students may opt for completing a major portion of their studies in Bangladesh before completing their last year abroad. Students will now be able to obtain a foreign degree even while studying in Bangladesh. This way, it is ensured that the School of Learning provides the same quality of education along with the same quality of faculties at an affordable price. Furthermore, foreign students looking for opportunities to study in Bangladesh as a part of their “study abroad” programs will also find IIL. For them, IIL brings immense opportunity for you.


“To serve the students’ needs of obtaining a foreign degree from a well reputed and accredited university at an affordable tuition fee.”


  • Abridging the gap between earning a foreign degree for graduate and undergraduate studies and financial solvency.
  • Ensuring proper quality of education similar to the universities abroad.
  • Target a minimum of 100 students to cater to within the first operational year.


In Bangladesh, around 700,000 students who complete their Higher Secondary degrees or Advanced Level equivalent every year are eligible to study in universities. Currently, there are only 34 public universities and 70 private universities in Bangladesh to fulfill the needs of all these students. In addition, there are nearly 700-800 colleges which offer places for some of them. However, only a few are fortunate to get admission into the degrees of their choice. An alternative is to pursue their studies abroad. For young students, it is a great challenge both in terms of living abroad and studying alone.

Also, there are students who complete A levels/equivalent degrees from Bangladesh and studying abroad is one of their dreams. However, going abroad on time is often difficult and so they lose precious academic years. IIL provides an opportunity for them to prepare for their study abroad program without losing academic years. Using a 1+3, 2+2, 3+1 program, IIL facilitates studies under foreign universities while they prepare for travelling abroad and join their academic institutions after 3, 2 or 1 years. In 2009, around 5000 students from Bangladesh went abroad by paying full tuition fees.

Bangladesh needs nearly 5000-6000 PhDs in its universities and colleges in order to improve its domestic quality of higher education. There are only a very few scholarships available for students of Bangladesh. Assistantships are available but it is limited to a few subjects. Considering these, IIL is established to facilitate Ph.D. programs under foreign universities. Students might need to travel abroad for few semesters during the program but IIL provides facilities for interactions, local mentoring and co-supervision of the students enrolled in Ph.D. programs in foreign universities. All of our mentors have PhDs from foreign universities.