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INSIGHT Scholar is focused on providing assistance for doctoral, post-doctoral and research based initiatives. The program includes helping develop research proposals for prospective Ph.D. students, as well as providing proper guidelines for the actual research undertaken during the duration of the degree.

In addition, INSIGHT Scholar also has a Research Methodology Program which prepares scholars with proper knowledge when they conduct empirical studies of educational phenomena. The overall program emphasizes on the development of advanced competencies in measurement and statistics. Furthermore, both qualitative and quantitative techniques are taught. The students who successfully complete the program should have an understanding of the content, methods, theories, and professional ethics associated with research methodology. In addition, the course may also help in getting credit transfer in related subject. The resource persons include faculty members from reputed public and private universities of the country who are considered to be the best in the country.


“To provide assistance for doctoral and post-doctoral students, and be a guiding hand in developing methodological competencies.”


  • Focus on doctoral, post-doctoral and research-based initiative.
  • Conduct Research Methodology program for the doctoral students.


In the education scenario, many prospective doctoral students do not have the proper guidelines to prepare a fully comprehensive proposal for their research. As a result, within the duration of their research undertaking, the students stumble on a number of obstacles. Hence, a proper guideline on preparing a well thought-out proposal for the students is necessary within the current context.

In addition, while undertaking the actual research for the degree, many students do not have the advanced knowledge on Research Methodology that is required. A deep understanding on measurement and statistics is a must for a higher level research undertaking.