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INSIGHT Placement focuses on foreign student placement or internships in local companies, as well as placement or internship for students currently residing in Bangladesh to other countries. In addition, this department is equipped to coordinate recruitment exams and other placement services for all business enterprises as well as for other social and government enterprises. Foreign students looking for opportunities to study in Bangladesh as a part of their “study abroad” programs will also find INSIGHT Placement as a guiding hand. In addition, skill placement within different professions will also be provided by INSIGHT Placement.


“To provide proper placement and internship opportunities for students and help in strengthen placement services provided by the industry.”


  • Providing well-suited placement opportunities for at least 30 new graduating students at home and abroad.
  • Coordinating recruitment exams and other placement services for the industry.


Job opportunity both in home and abroad is increasing with economic advancement. However, the opportunities are difficult to pursue by most of the prospects. INSIGHT Placement steps into this market to help the large human capital access the right opportunity. We will provide perfect tailor-made placement opportunities for all according to their needs. And all this will be available at very affordable fees. Furthermore, the industry is always in search of dependable and ethical institutions for contracting out placement services; we are promising the highest level of such services using the best academic professionals.