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Managing Director

Welcome to Insight Institute of Learning (IIL) website. I hope your visit to this website will be enlightening, meaningful and beneficial.

Insight is the brainchild of academics and entrepreneurs with a vast array of experience on different sectors. The teams includes academics with over 30 years of teaching experience in home and abroad, and have established some of leading universities in Bangladesh. INSIGHT also boasts highly experienced board of advisors. Full time and visiting faculty members from home and abroad will provide an added dimension to the quality of education. Our administrative staffs are also highly experienced in the field. In line with the international standard, INSIGHT looks to provide modern teaching implements, including audio-visual facilities, Wi-Fi networked campus, online study resources, fully stocked library, high tech computer lab facilities etc. Located in a prime commercial hub in the country, we have our own independent 5 storied building, with over 20,000 sq. ft. space.

Insight Institute of learning (IIL) has been established with a view to creating an educational institution with a difference. Its goal is to provide quality education at an affordable price. To remain in the forefront of the education establishments in this region at this moment of time, we are emphasizing on the internationalization of our programs through global collaboration, and accreditation with universities and institutions across the globe. Simultaneously, we are working on the infrastructural development to ensure the state of the art facilities for all our students. We will strive to provide first class foreign certification to be made available to students right here in Bangladesh, at an affordable price.

As you browse through the IIL website, I hope you will get the distinct impression that IIL is a quality institution and it walks the extra mile, particularly in terms of imparting knowledge to provide world class learning. IIL aims to do more in the future with resolve, vision and conscientiousness.